Careers: Project Manager


We're looking for a project manager with experience owning small to mid-size projects, and guiding them to completion, from handling client meetings, organizing issues, milestones, and working with the engineering team on implementation.

This is our first position for this kind of role, so it helps being a bit of a generalist, or having had experience in different environments and companies. We'd like someone who has experience with different processes, what works and what doesn't, and can help us refine our project development workflows.

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This is a collaborative role, working closely with both Engineering and Design, as well as managing communication with the Client.

The role starts part time, and you may manage a couple of projects at first. Since you'd be our first PM, there's lots of potential to grow into a long-term opportunity, and even become a critical part of Uplift.


  • Oversee project execution
  • Help define and maintain the project roadmap. Scope and document features to help prioritize them in upcoming sprints
  • Write dev-ready product requirements with clear acceptance criteria. Translate functional requirements for design
  • Manage sprints, ongoing progress, and team communication
  • Test, validate, and iterate on all aspects of the product experience
  • Attention to detail in both requirements and validation
  • Meet deadlines and hand-hold the client during the process
  • Run meetings and demos for clients, review and incorporate input into project
  • Run efficient meetings, facilitate collaboration and present to team and clients

Why we’ll love you:

  • Always put the user first, and build a deep well of understanding and compassion for the project, the clients, and the users
  • You align the team to maintain focus and velocity
  • You're focused on the goal and prioritize work accordingly
  • You handle constraints with grace
  • You are a self-starter who is very comfortable setting your own agenda, self-driven and self-directed
  • You understand operations of our business as well as our clients'
  • You can evaluate and plan technical ideas and solutions
  • You seek out feedback and never settle in your quest to grow and develop

Qualifications & Experience:

  • 4+ years TPM experience
  • Strong analytical skills, including the ability to derive insights from data sets, analyze product usage, measure adoption, and understand client needs
  • Expert communication skills that can leverage the benefits—and overcome the drawbacks—of a remote distributed engineering team
  • Deep experience crafting product requirements and specifications
  • Understanding of UI/UX design concepts, principles, best practices, and tools
  • An eye for, and appreciation of, good visual design and clean user experiences
  • Lots of experience putting together roadmaps, project plans
  • Experience with JIRA, Trello, GitHub


In your application email, please include:

  • Where are you based? E.g. Boulder, Colorado, USA. US-timezone required.
  • A summary of your recent applicable experience (last 3 years), and any other highly relevant experience.
  • What’s your availability for a 30-minute call in the next 2 weeks? Please include at least 3 options.
  • Links:
    • Resume/LinkedIn (URL):
    • Professional website:
    • Other: projects you managed, testimonials, etc
  • Contact information
    • Email address (required)
    • Phone number (optional)

Please email with attached details. Where ownership is shared, please mention specifically which part of the work is yours.

You can also just contact us from our site.