UX/UI Designer

Quick note

We've paused hiring for designers. If you have 6+ years of professional experience and are based in North or South America, we would consider your application, but it may take longer than usual to find a project.

Please check out our other openings on the careers page.


This is a UX Design and Visual Design dual role.

  • 4+ hours of overlap with 9am-5pm US Mountain time
  • Figma or Bohemian Sketch experience required.
  • Experience designing web applications.

All of these:

  • Self-sufficient (can get stuff done with Trello tasks, can make decisions)
  • Good communicator. Makes deadlines and estimates, raises concerns.
  • Passionate, self-driven learner waiting for the opportunity to build something new and cool.
  • Able to make functional and beautiful designs.
  • An basic undertanding of how software is built leading to reusable components and consistency is a plus.


  • Freelance experience: delivered projects, managed budget/estimate, worked with non-technical clients

What to Include

Note this is a contract opportunity. In your application email, please include:

  • Where are you based? E.g. Boulder, Colorado, USA. US-timezone required.
  • What’s your availability for a 30-minute call in the next 2 weeks? Please include at least 3 options.
  • Links:
    • Resume/LinkedIn (URL):
    • GitHub or other tech/code profile:
    • Professional website:
    • Portfolio: especially important for frontend or design
  • Contact information
    • Email address (required)
    • Phone number (optional)

Please email [email protected] with attached code samples, screenshots, or other work of yours that you’re proud of. Where ownership is shared, please mention specifically which part of the work is yours.

Why You'll Love Working at Uplift

  • Enjoy a healthy work-life balance, like everyone else at the company.
  • Embark on your own self-driven career path with opportunities for positions like tech lead or client-facing roles to drive product features.
  • Work on many different projects and cross-pollinate all the lessons and solutions.
  • Work remotely: avoid the time and energy drain of a commute. Uplift has been remote-first since inception–we’re really good at remote collaboration, and always getting better.
  • Get together in person once a year for a company off-site.
  • Indulge in the freedom to design your own work schedule; whether that includes a four day work week, evening hours, or whatever suits you and your lifestyle, so long as it's clearly communicated.
  • You get access to Paul & Marius, two of the brightest minds in engineering & consulting.
  • We do the heavy lifting of finding and qualifying projects (you’re welcome to help or bring in your own, if that’s a skill you enjoy sharpening), and offer a collaborative environment and shared resources to help you take on bigger contract projects than you’d be able to take on your own.
  • Uplift has no outside investors, and thus no one who can dictate the future of our company or our products. We have ultimate freedom in the projects that we choose.
  • As a member of our team we value your opinion. We also respect the skills you bring to our company.

As a member of our team we value your opinion. We also respect the skills you bring to our company.

**We are constantly on the lookout for people who can join us. If you've got what it takes, we'll find a way to include you.**

NOTE: We are currently considering only full-stack engineers. Please check out our other openings on the careers page.