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Our Services

  • Roadmapping Estimates ?

    Our typical initial offering, this engagement offers you a deep-dive into assumptions and requirements, and gives you a solid understanding of your product, delivering both a roadmap and an estimate.

  • UX Design

    Take specs and requirements and turn them into elegant, intuitive designs. If you're looking for more than what's on our site, contact us with more info about what you're looking for.

  • Product

    With a roadmap in hand, you're ready to build your product. We guide you through initial user testing, making recommendations and explaining the tradeoffs in budget and timeline.

  • Monitor and grow

    With your product in use, we maintain it for you. This includes security updates, uptime monitoring, onboarding your own staff, scaling and performance improvements as the product grows.

Our Team

We've built many products.
From Silicon Valley to MIT, we helped small and large companies.

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Paul Craciunoiu

Full Stack

Paul understands what it takes to run an online business. As an entrepreneur and CTO, he founded a tech startup, managed & trained engineers, and built complex products. Paul has worked with Mozilla, Credit Karma, Humble Bundle (YC W2010), Minerva Project, and more. Enjoys kombucha, kiteboarding, traveling, and tackling difficult problems.

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Marius Craciunoiu

Front End & UX

As a frontend developer with a history in user experience design, Marius knows what it takes to create beautiful designs and write maintainable complex apps. Marius has worked with Credit Karma, MIT, FlightCar (YC W2013), and other startups. Enjoys coffee, rock climbing, road trips, and mountain biking with his dogs.

Credit Karma Screenshot

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is working to make financial progress possible for everyone.

Technologies Used

  • React / React Native
  • GraphQL
  • TypeScript
  • Docker / Kubernetes


  • Above all, Paul is dedicated to adding true value to the business. He does this first by thinking about the big picture and making sure he understands the requirements and how all the details fit together -- and of course raising concern when things don't make sense. [...]

    While Paul worked with us at ClearCare he was one of my first choices for several mission critical projects because I knew he would deliver. He worked on both the Payment Processing and Employment Screening modules which were both huge company initiatives, and Paul played a big part in making them successful.

  • Under deadline for the start of our season, the Federal Government had failed to provide us the data we needed. We needed someone creative and fast to scrape that data for us, and this wasn't just a case of pulling the data from a website--this involved running a series of complicated transactions. Paul delivered, with clear communication and an attention to detail. When there was an error, he fixed it immediately. He cares deeply about the quality of his work, and was dedicated to helping us achieve our end goal.

  • Paul and Marius are consummate professionals. I had the opportunity of working with them on a landing page. What impressed me was their level of responsiveness to our needs, attention to detail and getting things done on schedule. Even after the project was done, Paul and Marius were available and happy to help with troubleshooting.

    Fisayo Ositelu Photo
  • What stood out most about Paul while working with him is his ability to spot issues during code review. His feedback was always actionable and he would find non-trivial bugs in how our systems would interact and how things can break in edge-cases. In his own work, Paul architected and built tools we still use, and much of his code has stood the test of time in terms of being used and extended by people he's never worked with directly.

  • I worked together with Marius on a few projects for which I was the UI lead. Marius is better at two jobs than most people are at one. He is that rare person who is highly skilled both as a designer and as a developer. To have these skill sets combined in one person is greater than the sum of its parts as it meant I could hand off whole features and rest assured the design and code would be top notch: his code was consistently well architected, performant, and in addition his design solutions were imaginative, attractive, and user friendly. Marius is one of the most talented and agreeable people I've worked with and he has my highest recommendations.

    Jan de Wilde Photo
  • Marius and I worked together on the Learning Management Systems team at MIT IS&T. As a front end developer and designer, Marius helped design and structure our code base such that it was robust and scaleable and enforced best practices. This enabled me and other designers that were less experienced programmers, to check in code which made our team overall more efficient and productive. He’s extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of front end development and that’s because he’s passionate about the subject. If I encountered a technical problem, Marius was the first person I’d go to for help because he’d usually have the answer and if not, he’d figure it out. He’s a great guy to work with and was an invaluable member of our team.

    Bertha Kuo Photo
  • It is so hard to find a colleague like Marius. He's a frontend unicorn, with impeccable taste and competence in user experience, graphic design, and JavaScript — able to do work that often requires a full team elsewhere. We were thrilled with his work for FlightCar, and I'd be excited to work with him again in the future.

  • If you have the chance to work with Marius, do it. He's one of the rare people I know who can deliver a beautiful design and user experience and then take it all the way through to completion with his exceptional knowledge of Sass and Javascript. We have worked together on two projects now. I learned a lot from him during my time at MIT and he has been a major help to us at Grapevine.

  • Marius has been a breeze to work with. He was able to work quickly and independently to rework the chat functionality at the core of our product and to add mobile support throughout the site. My team is thrilled with his changes and his rearchitecting has made it easy for me to continue to improve! I look forward to working with him again.

  • Marius is a great Designer, Prototyper, and Engineer. He scoped out the project from a set of requirements, gave an accurate estimation and set of deliverables, and delivered a beautiful app. Throughout the project, he kept me informed and understood what I'd need to get this completed. I'd definitely work with him again on any project.

  • I found Paul and Marius through their site, and I'm glad I took the chance to work with them. They truly are product engineers who can take a 2-page specification written in Google Docs and turn it into a stellar MVP. Well designed, full stack implemented and deployed. One of the products, Jellyfish began as an in-house project, and with their help it has become a standalone project with potential for massive growth.

    Peter Clark Photo
  • Paul has a great combination of technical skills and vision, clear communication and a level-headed (and fun) personality. I always look forward to working with him because I know there will be some good discussions around solving the problem at hand and when he gets his hands on something he'll run with it, producing well structured and professional code. On top of that he's always amenable to talking through various solutions and problems to figure out the best path forward. Paul is really a pleasure to work with.

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