Join our team

Join our team

At Uplift, we're on a mission to perfect our work life while learning, building, and enjoying our free time. We're a fully remote workforce and have been doing software development and design for a long time.

We are constantly on the lookout for people who can join us. If you've got what it takes, we’ll find a way to include you.

Our core value is continuous learning: within the industry & from each other. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. If you're self-sufficient, passionate & a good communicator, apply now!

Open Positions

The TL;DR. But please, do read the rest:

We're most often looking for well-rounded software engineers who don't just code what the spec says, they think critically and "always be improving" their craft. This is a contract opportunity. Here is a list of positions we consider:

Application Steps for Software Engineers

We understand our application process takes time, and your time is valuable. To help with this, we compensate you for the coding exercise once we hire you, which is the most time-consuming part of our application.

  1. Apply for one of engineering postings above.

  2. Check your email for an assessment (30-90 minutes)

    • For frontend roles, this covers: React, TypeScript, GraphQL, HTML/CSS
    • For backend roles, this covers: Python and Django
    • For lead, or full stack roles: both of the above
    • Our assessment is intended to be taken from memory, in one go, and it's intentionally challenging. Do your best. Indicate areas where you were unfamiliar or picked your best guess in the comments at the end.
  3. If your application passes our criteria, we'll follow up with a screening interview, as a general pulse check (30m)

  4. Do a take-home coding exercise. We compensate you for this, if we work together (5-15 hours)

  5. Do 1-2 interviews. This may be in parallel with the coding exercise or after, depending on our availability to schedule (1-2 hours)

History: About the Founders

Grow up, get a job, work 9-5 day in & day out. You know the outline, right? This works for some people and that’s great. But not us. We craved building something of our own. We were drawn to the challenge of creating something other people wanted.

Maybe even something they needed. Something like connection. So we started our first software company in the social dating space and grew it to 15+ employees.

After a year of hard work and long days without a clear end in sight, we broke up the company and decided to learn more about building products from those who already do it successfully. We worked with Silicon Valley companies, MIT, and startups. We helped interview people, build teams, & launch successful products.

These experiences became crucial and helped us gather skills to be self-sufficient consultants. In 2013, our passion for the outdoors really started growing. We wanted to break out of the office job, yet we really enjoyed our work. Paul started consulting on his own, and made it work for a few years. After moving to Colorado, he had another chat with Marius, and they both took a step back and decided to build a consulting agency together.

Enter Uplift in 2016, growing more slowly and steadily. A fully remote team from day one. After 5 years since inception, our revenue has grown substantially, and doubled in 2021. We're fully bootstrapped and have no investors, and believe in consistent, sustainable, workloads for everyone on our team.

We lead by example, driven by curiosity to learn and sharpen our craft.


But Uplift isn’t your typical consulting agency. We’re a fast paced incubator... of products.

What does this mean?

Our team is stellar. We are a group of incredibly smart, passionate, well rounded individuals.

We’re smart because we understand what it takes to build successful products. We’re confident in our ability to navigate the underlying complexity of engineering work needed to deliver a practical, useful piece of technology to a client.

We’re passionate about doing great work, first and foremost. We’re constantly learning and always following through. This allows us to be confident in our commitments to our clients, and to ourselves.

We know the importance of estimating and meeting deadlines. We communicate clearly. We understand business.

So, how do we work?

Our work is extremely high quality and always on time. We're so efficient at client work, our bottom line creates a budget for sizeable experiments, building internal tools, and learning along the way.

Our inevitable path is to perfect the craft of building products so precisely, and iterate on ideas until we find another one that sticks. Then we scale, sell, or spin off those highly successful products.

Open Positions