Case Study: Selph

Revolutionizing healthcare accessibility.

Ongoing project

Uplift had the privilege of working with Selph, a visionary company founded by doctors and research scientists with expertise in gut and metabolic health. Selph's mission is to democratize health by making it accessible to all. With a comprehensive range of services including home health tests, advanced medical testing, holistic doctors, and personalized coaching, Selph empowers individuals to become masters of their own well-being.

Client Goal

Selph approached us with a specific goal in mind — to seek assistance in web development. To achieve this, they set out the following objectives:

1. Acquire additional development resources

Selph recognized the need for more manpower to meet the demands of their growing project. They sought our engineering expertise to augment their development team.

2. Optimize the client API data layer

Selph aimed to optimize the performance and efficiency of their platform by revamping the client API data layer. This would ensure smoother data retrieval and processing for enhanced user experience.

3. Enhance platform stability

Selph faced critical bugs and issues within their existing system that needed immediate attention. Their goal was to eliminate these obstacles to ensure a stable and reliable platform for their users.

4. Further feature development

Selph had a vision for expanding their platform with new features and functionalities. A dream project for our engineering team to help them realize these ideas and bring them to life.

The ultimate objective driving Selph's collaboration with our engineering team was to accelerate the final stages of development and successfully launch their new platform. Recognizing the time sensitivity and the opportunity to penetrate the market efficiently, speed to market was of utmost importance to Selph. By leveraging our engineers’ expertise and resources, Selph aimed to expedite their go-live timeline and scale their ongoing project development effectively.


“Uplift's team of skilled developers proved invaluable in helping us overcome challenges and achieve our objectives.”

“Having heard excellent recommendations from a colleague, we approached Uplift at Selph to address our need for talented engineers. Our primary goal was to secure more developer time specifically for frontend development. Uplift's team of skilled developers proved invaluable in helping us overcome challenges and achieve our objectives.”

Alasdair ScottGut doctor, PhD, and research director at Selph

The task at hand

Selph's primary task for Uplift’s engineering team was to alleviate the frontend development workload, enabling them to expedite their market entry. One of the key challenges impacting their go-to-market strategy was a shortage of frontend developers to address existing bugs and layout issues. Furthermore, Selph faced the issue of an excessively large "First load JS" bundle, resulting in prolonged loading times for users with limited internet connectivity. Complicating matters further, the platform had become outdated and over-engineered, relying on React Class Components and GraphQL models.

By partnering with us, Selph aimed to enhance their platform to improve customer accessibility and streamline the process of purchasing medical testing kits, submitting samples, and receiving results. Selph envisioned a seamless experience for their customers, where test results would be integrated into their accounts along with a comprehensive medical report interpretation. This optimization was crucial for improving user satisfaction and ensuring a more efficient and user-friendly platform.

Selph order page


The Uplift engineering team devised a comprehensive solution for Selph, encompassing a step-by-step approach to bug fixing, refactoring, app scaling, and feature development. The primary focus was on addressing bugs and layout issues to enhance the overall user experience. To achieve this, the team initiated a series of actions.

Firstly, we undertook an extensive refactor of the codebase, resulting in a significant reduction in the size of the "First load JS" bundle. By carefully examining the code and eliminating unnecessary libraries and dependencies, the team managed to reduce the bundle size to approximately 70% of its original size. This optimization led to substantial improvements in loading times, especially for users with limited internet connectivity.

Furthermore, the codebase underwent a comprehensive transformation by replacing most of the React Class Components with React Functional Components. This shift allowed for more efficient and performant code execution. In addition, the team eliminated many of the GraphQL models, adopting GraphQL hooks for queries and mutations. This streamlined the data fetching process, resulting in improved speed and efficiency.

To accomplish these tasks, the engineering team utilized a range of tools and technologies, including JavaScript, NextJS, React, GraphQL, Apollo, and Tailwind. These powerful technologies enabled the team to deliver robust and scalable solutions while maintaining high code quality and adherence to industry best practices.

The backbone of the site uses Clojure along with GraphQL.
The front-end uses Next.js with TypeScript and React.
Tailwind is used as the CSS styling library.
Web servers are hosted on AWS.
Data is stored in a PostgreSQL database.
Payments are handled through a Stripe integration.


Despite the complexity of the project, the Uplift team completed it within three and a half months, ensuring that all enhancements were implemented in time for Selph's market launch. As an added value, we implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate reports based on the results received from third-party sources. This enriched the platform's capabilities and provided users with valuable insights through automated report generation.


Through their meticulous approach, skillful execution, and innovative solutions, the Uplift engineering team helped Selph overcome key challenges, optimize their platform, and achieve a successful market launch.

The successful collaboration between Uplift and Selph led to an extended contract, with the initial three-month engagement expanding to eleven months. Following the timely launch of the updated platform, both teams continued to work together on more complex features for further improvements. As a result, Selph successfully gained more customers and the platform seamlessly integrated innovative testing methods and expert guidance.


“The results we have witnessed speak for themselves”

“The results we have witnessed speak for themselves: an evident increase in output and notable improvements in our overall codebase. What I appreciated the most about working with the Uplift engineering team was the exceptional communication, fostering a productive learning environment. The steady progress made and their flexibility in accommodating our needs have truly made this collaboration a rewarding experience.”

Alasdair ScottGut doctor, PhD, and research director at Selph

Future perspectives

Together, Uplift and Selph are reshaping the healthcare landscape and empowering individuals to proactively manage their health journey like never before. With the future perspective in mind, this partnership holds immense potential for further advancements and transformative growth in the healthcare industry